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What we do

The Strenue Trust helps to manage our clients' B-BBEE spend to ensure they achieve the best possible rating.  We work closely with experienced consulting firms to ensure the advice we provide is sound, and streamline the administration process by making sure that all necessary documentation is provided and agreements drafted and signed. The Strenue Trust is founded on transparency. We provide clear communication not only of where our donors' funds have been allocated, but ensure that they meet and are kept up to date with the progress of, the learners they are supporting.



The Strenue Trust works closely with your existing B-BBEE consultants, Every business has unique needs; our role is to streamline the administration of the spend across the different BEE codes, and to ensure it is allocated effectively and ethically, reaching its intended cause.


Donations (PBO) 

As a registered Public Based Organization we ensure that your funds are allocated to improving public education in South Africa. Any such donations receive Section 18A certificates that allow for tax refunds.

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We closely track the progress of each of our beneficiaries, and intervene whenever there is a need for academic, pastoral or any other kind of support. Our data portal allows us to analyse the beneficiaries' needs, and to make recommendations on improvements to the learning institutions we support. The key to our success is identifying the root cause of any difficulties and implementing changes quickly to ensure  our learners do as well as possible.

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